Jonah Goldberg on Liberal Fascism

a href=";tag=wwwviolentkicomamp;link_code=as3amp;camp=211189amp;creative=373489amp;creativeASIN=0385511841"img alt="goldbergcov.jpg" src="" align="right" border="0" height="160" width="105" //aToday, we interview Jonah Goldberg on his controversial new book, a href=";tag=wwwviolentkicomamp;linkCode=as2amp;camp=1789amp;creative=9325amp;creativeASIN=0385511841"span style="font-style: italic;"Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning./span/aimg style="border: medium none ; margin: 0px;" alt="" src=";l=as2amp;o=1amp;a=0385511841" border="0" height="1" width="1" / He talks about how people throw the word fascism around without really understanding its meaning, why so many liberals want to turn America into a college campus with free food, shelter and recreation, and why the upcoming election is about collective vs. individual /br /You can listen to the show directly -- no downloads needed -- by a href=""going right here/a and clicking on the gray Flash player. You can download the whole file and listen at your leisure by clicking right here, and you can get a lo-fi version suitable for dialup by going a href=""here/a and selecting "lo fi." And, of course, you can always get a a href=";s=143441"free subscription from iTunes/a if you like -- and why wouldn't you? Show archives are at a href="" /br /This podcast was brought to you by a href=""Volvo Automobiles./a Music is "Nobody's Full" by a href=""Todd Steed and the Suns of Phere./a