John Fund: Irregularities in the WI election, recount may resemble Florida in 2000 (Update: Ballot shredding?)

Here's the video. Fund's comments on the Wisconsin irregularities are about 2 minutes in and center on Dane County.

Fund: There's lots of irregularities. Dane County is the liberal epicenter of this election...Apparently there are up to 10,000 ballots that were cast in Dane that just voted for the Supreme Court race, which is bizarre. Because there was an extremely close race for mayor of Madison, there was an extremely close race for Dane County executive. It's passing strange that you would have perhaps thousands of voters...just voting on this one election.

Fund adds that Wisconsin has same-day registration and no photo ID requirements. He also adds that there was a police report issued in 2008 on the subject of Wisconsin's voting laws, concluding that they're a "disaster" and need to be reformed. The Democrats didn't reform them, and the police unions have played an unsavory role in the union battle that's at the heart of the Wisconsin war.

Fund finishes up predicting that we may be looking at Florida 2000 in the Wisconsin recount.

John Fund is the author of a new book on the subject of voter fraud. He knows what he's talking about.

Update: Now there are allegations that one county is shredding ballots that "were not counted."