Jimmy Carter on Bigots: Takes One to Know One

The worst president in modern American history (although he may not be holding that tarnished crown for long) has deigned to weigh in on the growing number of Americans disaffected by the current administration. Jimmy Carter told NBCs Brian Williams, “I think an overwhelming portion of the intentionally demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man.” He went on to cite his experience as a southerner to give him credibility in diagnosing a large portion of the American people as racist. Kind of like Kathleen Parker did when she said that southerners, er, preferred Sarah Palin over Barack Obama because “southerners weaned on Harper Lee heard the dog whistle.” But just so you know, she lives in the south, so she’s not bashing southerners. She told Chris Matthews that on television, so it must be true.

Carter, you may remember, was scathingly critical of George W. Bush, going so far as to say that the Bush administration was the “worst in history.” Ahem. But as Bush was white (and a Republican), Carter was in the clear.

Funny, isn’t it? Those who see the world through a distorted lens of hate automatically assume that others see the world in a similar fashion. The same folks who brought you Chimpy McBushHitler are now worried about decorum in politics. The same folks who booed the president during his 2005 State of the Union address and whose leader called Bush a loser and a liar and refused to apologize about the liar part have formally rebuked Rep. Joe Wilson for calling Obama a liar during a joint session of Congress (even though Wilson apologized to The One™ for his outburst).

Dr. King must be spinning in his grave. So much for judging one on the content of his character.