Jews Must Defend Themselves Against Iran

Obama, Susan Rice and Samantha Power embrace the mythical view that the creation of a Palestinian state will not only stabilize the Middle East, but also solve most, if not all, of its problems. Suddenly, Osama bin Laden will stop calling for jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood will embrace Western democracy, and the Shi'ia and Sunni will stop blowing each other up in Iraq.

Barack Obama believes that he is going to engage the Iranians in meaningful negotiations. The Europeans have had negotiations with the Iranians for more than five years, and all that the Europeans have accomplished is to permit Iran to get closer to building a nuclear weapon.

Meanwhile American Jews are mindlessly embracing Obama as they once embraced Franklin Roosevelt. I grow weary of the talk about the Jews in the administration, the Passover Seder at the White House, Michelle Obama's cousin, the black rabbi in Chicago, and even the fact that Obama's Hyde Park mansion was once a Jewish day school, as if any of this had a bearing on foreign policy.

Maybe this generation of Jews needs to be reminded that the people who were most successful in rescuing the handful of Europe's Jews that were saved during World War II were a group of orthodox rabbis who ignored Franklin Roosevelt, the State Department, the niceties of diplomatic protocol, the admonitions of the British Foreign Office, and the moribund leadership of the organized Jewish community.

Today, it is not enough that a high level Iranian nuclear scientist has disappeared, that planes carrying supplies for Iran's nuclear program have met with unforeseen accidents, and that unaccounted accidents have occurred in Iran's nuclear program. These operations have only delayed Iran's quest for a nuclear weapon. Israel must emulate the role model of the orthodox rabbis of the 1940s and do whatever is necessary to assure its survival, irrespective of who is offended.

We should remember that then Vice President George H. W. Bush was so upset by Israel's bombing of Saddam Hussein's Osirak nuclear reactor that he wanted the Reagan administration to cut off all military aid to Israel. Yet, ten years later, President George H. W. Bush's secretary of defense, Dick Cheney, congratulated the lead Israeli pilot who destroyed Osirak for making Desert Storm easier, if not possible. Perhaps President Obama too will one day see the benefits of Israel eliminating the Iranian nuclear threat.