Jew-Hate in Norway

Trond Andresen, a Norwegian professor who has been active in Norway's Red (Communist) Party, Maoist AKP (m-l) Party, and Red Electoral Alliance, which places him fully within the mainstream of the Norwegian cultural elite, has written a letter to the Wall Street Journal taking issue with Alan Dershowitz's account of his encounter with the poisonous anti-Semitism that is endemic in that elite. Andreson's letter powerfully, if inadvertently, confirms Dershowitz's account (about which I put in my own two cents here), and closely echoes a 2008 post on an online forum in which Andresen wrote: ”There is something immensely self-satisfied and egocentric about the ’tribal mentality’ that is so widespread among Jews….Not just the religious ones, but also a great many modern secular Jews view their own ethnic group as being worth more than all other ethnic groups. Yes, they actually think they are ‘the chosen people.'" No, folks, Dershowitz wasn't exaggerating.