Jew-Bashing at Universities the New Normal

After noting that the posting violated university rules, Florida Atlantic’s senior vice president for student affairs dismissed the entire episode as unimportant as it was not directed at any particular individual. No one will be  required to appear before a campus judicial board. No charges of a hate crime will be filed.

Can anyone imagine what would happen if some university administrator at UCSD said the noose was unimportant because it was simply hung in the library and was not directed at any particular student?

Jewish students are vulnerable because Jewish organizations have abandoned the campus. In California, where anti-Semitism thrives on campus in the form of anti-Zionism, a number of  Hillel directors, representing several  UC campuses,  came forward to say that the issue of harassment and intimidation of Jewish students on the University of California’s campuses is an exaggeration.

Contributing to the growth of anti-Semitism is the number of prominent, but unrepresentative, Jews who have given legitimacy to almost every form of the anti-Zionist expression. The anti-Zionists gain strength and legitimacy because the likes of Peter Beinart, Max Blumenthal, George Soros, and Rabbi Michael Lerner can seldom, if ever, find a Palestinian position that does not require their support.

This denial of one’s own nation in order to embrace the enemy is one of the consequences of the twisted fate of a minority people living in a hate-filled Diaspora, a people who have produced leaders who identify with their aggressors and come to believe the very stereotypes that dehumanize their people, from whom they wish to separate themselves.

Hatred is the great unifier of social movements and identity politics.  But on campus, hatred of almost all groups, except Jews, is unacceptable. At Berkeley this year, Reverend Louis Farrakhan spoke to a crowded auditorium of 600 mostly black students. He regaled them with the “secret” history of Jews and the slave trade. For his faux history, condemned by the American Historical Association, Farrakhan received a standing ovation from what are probably the best and the brightest of the next generation of black leaders. But no one would dare sponsor the white incarnation of a Louis Farrakhan. No campus community would tolerate it.

So, if you are going to hate someone, remember Jews, especially pro-Israel Jews, are vulnerable.  They not only get no protection from campus administrators; they also get almost no protection from their own communal organizations.

You cannot openly hate, or even disparage, protected groups: to point out the actions of radical Islam will cause you to incur the accusation of Islamophobia. Gays, lesbians, and transsexuals are off-limits. Tainting the environment against women will have you hauled before a campus Star Chamber. Fat people, maybe, but even they are usually off -limits. Basically, that’s why the campus has Jews. And if you really are going to evict anyone, start with the Jews because not only will no one protect them, but you can count on a number of  their own people coming forward to defend your right to cast them out.