It's Time To Earn that Nobel Peace Prize

Ever since the Norwegian Nobel moguls decided to preemptively award Barack Obama their peace prize, I’ve been even more worried than I was the day Americans elected the community organizer who couldn’t even bring peace to a single Chicago neighborhood, much less to the whole world. I thought at the time that giving Obama the peace prize on the merits of a bunch of empty rhetoric and a lot of obsequious bowing, scraping, and apologizing for America was the worst message the Nobel folks could send to bad guys intent on wreaking havoc.

The Nobel “thinkers” declared in October of ’09 -- less than one year after our neophyte took the helm as leader of the free world -- that “Obama has as president created a new climate in international politics.” The Norwegians glorified in the new partnership of nations, which Obama had signaled with his relegation of American exceptionalism to “every nation is exceptional” irrelevance.

What were those Nobel idiots thinking? The Western Europeans -- the whole lot of lousy ingrates on the other side of the pond -- have been so thoroughly spoilt by America’s defense generosity since WWII that they actually seemed to have believed the whole world was set to play pat-a-cake once the evil cowboy war-starter was sent back to Texas. “Kumbaya” was set to become the new watchword by which all evil players sat around the campfires singing “We Are the World” while they swizzled a Coca Cola.

Apparently, this was the lovely, fantastical world scenario which guided the Peace Prize people. Obama got his ostentatious medal and some prize money which he promised to charity, and the world got more calamity from the get-go.

The Obama doctrines of “Suck-up to Islam,” “Kiss the behind of the Russian Bear,” “Bow and scrape to the Chinese,” “Promise everyone everything,” and “America brings teleprompters with smiley faces” have produced anything but more peace and tranquility. Ignoring the history of evil in the world is truly not the mark of high intelligence.

At the moment, however, President Obama has his chance to actually earn that Nobel Peace Prize, and I, for one, am praying mightily that he somehow manages to pull it off right here, right now.

One would need to be a complete ninny not to see the purely maudlin irony in Obama’s Cairo moment.

Cairo was, after all, the city graced with the privilege of our peacemaker’s first international speech. To Cairo Obama’s teleprompters went, all decked out in smiley-faced, Kumbaya-singing fashion. In June 2009, less than six months after taking office, the president and his huge entourage went to Egypt to introduce the first of the Obama doctrines: “Suck-up to Islam.” The president had all the proper props, down to and including growing a respectful-to-Muslims mustache and the properly pronounced Islamic (from one Muslim to another) greeting: “assalaamu alaykum.” In a move squarely in line with his newly introduced “Suck-up to Islam” doctrine, Obama took special pains to reach out to the Muslim world from Cairo, even filling his speech with false history and fake accolades to Islam’s grand contributions to world peace and prosperity.