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It's Time for Real Reform

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been the “enforcer” agency for tax-happy lawmakers since the federal income tax has been in effect. With a flat tax, most likely assessed in people’s paychecks, the IRS wouldn’t have much to do. I suggest the management of the IRS be returned to the America people. We would direct the IRS to monitor every dollar spent by the Congress. In my mind, it would be poetic justice to have the IRS turned on the government for a change. Americans certainly have earned a break from that agency’s relentless pursuit of our hard-earned money.

The Constitution isn’t a complicated document. It wasn’t intended to be. It certainly isn’t as complicated or convoluted as the ObamaCare legislation. Contrary to that monstrosity, the Constitution was designed to be understood by the American people. It is, after all, the symbolic handshake that we Americans have made with each other. The agreement establishes the rights of the individual in our society.  These rights are more available here than any other place on the planet. Our economic rights are part and parcel of those freedoms. And nothing short of drastic actions will save us from the abyss it appears our great nation is peering into. What a big event it would be if our elected leaders, for once in the modern age, decided to recognize where their authority comes from. And wouldn’t it be transformational for the United States if our government once again became a government of, by, and for the people?