It's Time for Baby Boomer Politicians to Pass the Torch to Generation X

The most vocal candidates in this election cycle have proven how bereft of ideas the old hippies of the Left truly are. Hillary Clinton's team must have built her platform from the sawdust of the Obama presidency. Her ideas aren't principles; they're talking points, and terrible ones at that. Bernie Sanders considers himself a Socialist, but at least he's honest about it, to the far Left's obvious glee. The most remarkable thing about Lincoln Chafee (aside from that hideous haircut) is his commitment metric system. The Baby Boomers aren't exactly overrun with fresh, inspirational concepts.

Contrast these fossils with a swath of the approximately 889 Republican candidates for president. Three of them -- Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, and Marco Rubio -- are in their early forties, and all three of them have vibrant and exciting messages. Cruz has cultivated a reputation as a fearless conservative firebrand, while Rubio presents an optimistic vision for an America that's ready for the future. And Jindal has put up a tireless fight for religious liberty.

While Hillary Clinton talks about "Yesterday" (a reference that caused even a Beatles fans like me to wince), these bright conservative stars are looking toward tomorrow. While Lincoln Chafee wants to change our system of measurement to something everyone else gave up on 40 years ago, the Generation X Republicans want to measure American economic growth. While the Boomers of the Democratic Party like Bernie Sanders want to tighten the grip of government even further, the younger generation on the Right wants to pull the country toward individual freedom.

Do you seek a more prosperous nation? Are you ready for the United States to once again be a shining city on a hill? Do you want future generations to inherit a better country? The answers lie not with the Baby Boomers of the Left, who are content to revisit those sad, tired ideas that haven't worked before and won't work now -- the very definition of insanity -- but with an electrifying band of Gen X-ers (good grief, I hate that term) with a hopeful, upbeat vision for America's future.

The large field of Republican candidates for 2016 may look overwhelming, but it demonstrates a group of men and women who are eager to lead -- many of whom are post-Baby Boom, Generation X candidates. Over at Breitbart, my friend Lisa De Pasquale sums it up:

The “everyone in the pool” reality of the 2016 primaries signals one thing—a growing number of Republicans and Democrats think they can’t do any worse than President Obama. That’s why it’s more important than ever that we embrace the narrative of a young, energetic bench with bold, forward-thinking ideas.

Gen Xers favor entrepreneurship over long-standing institutions like the federal government. Future generations will never be unburdened by a behemoth government handed to us from the Baby Boomers while they are in charge. Instead, Boomers will continue to build a golden tomb for themselves and leave us with the bill. It’s time to put that tomb to use and lay the Boomers’s political aspirations to rest.

We often hear people say that they want a president who looks like them. Well, I think this country is ready for a president who looks like me -- well, not literally. But America is ready for a new generation of leadership ready to take the country back to greatness. Baby Boomers, you've had your turn behind the wheel -- it's time to turn over the keys.


Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock / James Steidl