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It's a Dirty Job, but Mike Rowe Campaigns with Mitt Romney in Ohio

The Romney campaign just sent out the following note.

Boston, MA – On Wednesday, Mitt Romney will continue the “Romney Plan For A Stronger Middle Class” bus tour where he will discuss his plan for a real recovery. He will begin by attending a Victory Rally at Westerville South High School in Westerville, Ohio, where he will be joined by Jack Nicklaus. He will then hold a manufacturing roundtable with Mike Rowe and business leaders at American Spring Wire in Bedford Heights, Ohio and attend a Victory Rally at the SeaGate Convention Centre in Toledo, Ohio. The following events are open to the press.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Event:                        Governor Romney Attends Westerville Victory Rally with Jack Nicklaus

Location:                  Westerville South High School

303 S Otterbein Avenue

Westerville, Ohio     

Pre-Set Time:          3:00 AM – 4:00 AM EDT

Sweep Time:           4:00 AM – 6:00 AM EDT

Doors Open:            6:00 AM EDT

Invite Time:              8:00 AM EDT

Program Time:        8:30 AM EDT


Event:                        Governor Romney Holds Manufacturing Roundtable with Mike Rowe and Business Leaders

Location:                  American Spring Wire

26300 Miles Road

Bedford Heights, Ohio

Pre-Set Time:          7:15 AM – 8:15 AM EDT

Sweep Time:           8:15 AM – 10:15 AM EDT

Doors Open:            10:15 AM EDT

Invite Time:              12:15 PM EDT

Program Time:        1:05 PM EDT

I generally disregard celebrity endorsements, but Mike Rowe is a bit different from your average celebrity. He isn't one to demand Dom Perignon in his dressing room or lord his fame over his production staff or anybody else. He gets dirty and celebrates working hard. He seems to get the American work ethic in a way that very few do, certainly very few in Washington. Rowe is basically the most famous blue collar guy on TV. He'll be a good asset for the Romney team.