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It Wasn't Just Four Americans Abandoned in Benghazi

Ty Woods, a former SEAL who was part of the CIA force in Benghazi, was among those in this team of operators who disobeyed their orders and put honor over political cowardice to carry out a rescue mission to evacuate the survivors.

Once the consulate staff had been evacuated back to the safe house, they were protected by Woods' local CIA team, the eight-man CIA team that had flown in from Tripoli, and a force of Libyans that had driven Doherty and the rest of his team from the airport and which would cover the extraction.

We don't know the exact breakdown of which Americans belonged to each specific group beyond the size of the eight-man team to which Doherty belonged, but the total number of Americans in the CIA safe house was at least 24, and may have been as high as 32 when the attack on that position began.

Once again, at least one Predator drone was overhead, transmitting video of the attack in real time to the White House and State Department for at least part of the time.

We know that CIA operators defending the site "lased" a terrorist mortar crew more than six hours into the attack. Military experts not on-site have asserted (but we cannot confirm) that the mortar team appears to have been targeted with a ground laser target designator (GLTD). The GLTD can direct laser-guided munitions from Predator drones, AC-130 and MC-130 airborne gunships, such as the one that a Fox News source may have been referring to with a reference to repeated requests for supporting fore from a "Spectre."

A former military fighter pilot tells PJ Media that if a GTLD were used, it could have provided exact GPS coordinates for precision guided bombs, called JDAMS, carried by Air Force and Navy fighter aircraft which could have been on-site over Benghazi within an hour of the initial assault, and which could have been dropped with little threat of collateral damage and very low risk to the aircraft itself, since they can be dropped from stand-off distances.

The White House has not been forthcoming in explaining why at least seven American diplomats were abandoned in the Benghazi consulate to die while the president allegedly watched video of the attack.

The White House has refused to explain why they denied close air support to two dozen or more Americans and additional government forces at the CIA safe house who were under mortar fire, had the mortar team fixed with a laser, and repeatedly called for the terrorist position to be struck.

American lives were abandoned while a sitting U.S. president allegedly watched.

The American people deserve to know why, before the 2012 election.

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