It Is the Best of Times and the Worst of Times for Science

Diogenes said it couldn't be done, but the New York Times has actually found an honest man. He is John Tierney, who writes a fine column called "TierneyLab," which actually covers both sides of open scientific questions -- an unprecedented innovation in the world of the Times.

And Tierney, it turns out, has discovered Australian Professor Ian Plimer, whose book Heaven And Earth takes no prisoners on global warming. Plimer's book should be on your gift list for everyone who has been taken in by the global scam.

Says Professor Plimer:

The hypothesis that human activity can create global warming is extraordinary because it is contrary to validated knowledge from solar physics, astronomy, history, archaeology and geology.

I'm a natural scientist. I'm out there every day, buried up to my neck in sh**, collecting raw data. And that's why I'm so sceptical of these models, which have nothing to do with science or empiricism but are about torturing the data till it finally confesses. None of them predicted this current period we're in of global cooling. There is no problem with global warming. It stopped in 1998. The last two years of global cooling have erased nearly 30 years of temperature increase.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus, another brave and honest man, endorsed Plimer's book:

This is a very powerful, clear, understandable and extremely useful book. ... [Plimer] convincingly criticizes the UN, the IPCC, U.K. and U.S. politicians, as well as Hollywood show business celebrities. He strictly distinguishes science from environmental activism, politics, and opportunism.

This has now become an urgent matter because the political Left in Europe and America is desperate to lock in tax and trade as quickly as possible, before everybody understands they've been suckered.

Writes Richard Booker in the U.K. Telegraph:

The moves now being made ... to lock us into December's Copenhagen treaty to halt global warming are as alarming as anything that has happened in our lifetimes. ... Britain and the U.S. are already committed to cutting their use of fossil fuels by more than 80 percent. Short of an unimaginable technological revolution, this could only be achieved by closing down virtually all our economic activity: no electricity, no transport, no industry.

So if you're wondering why Prince Charles, the famous climate expert, is now warning that we only have 96 months to live, and why Al Gore has openly called for a world government to control the nasty free marketeers, well, now you know. This scam is about to be exposed, and all the politicians are rushing to cash in before the voters find out. Obama's EPA is no exception.

Scientific skeptics have been there all along. Global warming was always a blatant concoction by normal scientific standards. Scientists I've talked to over the years are finally muttering it, in private. Some are looking ashamed. But very few are expressing real outrage at the fraudsters. Too many of them were either suckered  or corrupted by money, power, and simple cowardice.

Most scientists are liberals, and like so many on the Left they think that a little lying to the public can't be all bad. They are utterly  wrong. When science becomes an official lie it starts to decay; you don't know whom to believe any more.  And if you can't believe published data, real science becomes impossible. I date the decay of public science to the AIDS fiasco twenty years ago, when the public health establishment failed to warn gay men that yes, AIDS is a gay disease and is communicated most often by anal intercourse.

The establishment lied and lied and lied, and more and more young men died, and the disease spread and spread. Now it's in Africa, where anal intercourse is commonly used by female prostitutes as cheap birth control. That is why African AIDS has a somewhat different epidemiology. But it all goes back to a regime of lies by scientists and public health doctors. The lesson is: when science lies, people die.

British medical science lost credibility after the mad-cow scare, another blown-up fraud, like global warming, based on math models that never made any empirical sense. I will never believe the British Medical Journal again, and I have real doubts about the Lancet. The journals Nature and Science have become shockingly corrupt and dishonest on global warming. They are still trying to push it half-heartedly, but they really know the jig is up.

That's why I believe the New York Times felt compelled to hire John Tierney. Tierney is giving them cover by writing about global warming as an hypothesis, not a Marx-given truth. If the global warming fraud is finally breaking down, the Times wants to say it knew it all along. If, by some miracle, the politicians manage to keep squeezing more billions of dollars out "to stop the rise of the oceans," as Obama yelled out in his victory speech, the Times will take credit for saving the planet. They want to have it both ways.