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Israel's PR Challenge in the Battle for Public Opinion

The same holds true with regard to these critics’ stance on Palestinian nationalism. Those who support, at least nominally, a two-state solution, demand a state in which Palestinian Arabs will be the dominating and privileged class; to such an extent that any Jews living on its territory must be expelled to Israel proper.

Those who oppose a two-state solution in favor of a binational state, moreover, not only advocate a state in which the Jews will be an oppressed minority, but hold that there should be no Jewish state at all. In short, Israel’s ostensibly anti-racist critics believe that Palestinians have a right to national self-determination but Jews do not; and this distinction is, once again, made solely on the basis of a single factor: race.

One can only conclude, then, based on their own ideology and their own self-professed morality, that these critics not only fail to be anti-racist, but are, in fact, partisans of the most brutal and inhuman form of racism in the world today. It is a racism that not only supports and advocates ethnic cleansing and genocide, but creates a racial hierarchy in which ethnic cleansing and genocide, if committed by Israel’s enemies, is a moral, just, praiseworthy, even beautiful act.

Against such a monstrous ideology, there is only one possible resistance: to say what it is, and to speak the truth against its lies, as long and as loud as one can, in the face of this world that so earnestly wishes not to hear it.