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Israeli-sick Egyptians need Dr. Phil

One of the main reasons Egypt is such a backward society is its absurd obsession with Israel. It's not just the Islamists who have the Jewish state perpetually on the brain, it is also the supposed reformer Mohammed ElBaradei (who just ritualistically flexed his macho toward Israel), not to mention Mr. Sameold/sameold Amr Moussa and, I regret to say from private conversations, even some of our democracy-oriented blogger friends (who say they have to pretend to be anti-Israel in order to gain power, which, of course, makes them enablers of the same obsession whether they believe it or not.) Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Foreign Minister Nabil al-Arabi is demanding the Israelis pay back Egypt for gas discounts during the Mubarak period

What is emerging from the Egyptian revolution is a kind of mass cultural tantrum coupled with an infantile desire to blame others for their own problems, a sure prescription, as an family therapist can tell you, for never fixing them. What Egypt needs is some tough love from Dr. Phil or somebody. Otherwise they are headed for a worse period than they had under Mubarak - a lot worse. What rational person could be optimistic?

On the other hand, the good news is - guess which two countries have the biggest oil-shale deposits in the world?