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Israel Will Stop Iran From Getting Nukes, Expert Says

The Making of a Threat -- A Catastrophic “Deal”

“This is the regime that the Obama Democrats will now enrich, grant international legitimacy to and invite to monitor its own nuclear facilities,” Charen declared. “This is beyond naiveté -- it is sheer lunacy.”

Charen alleged that “Democrats have rejected the insight of Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and others that the surest way to prevent war is peace through strength.” She attacked Obama’s speeches on the Iran deal, which praise the treaty as a step to diplomacy and peace with a non-nuclear Iran, as disingenuous.

“We are deep into Orwellian territory now -- war is peace, ignorance is strength,” Charen declared. “Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani was more accurate about the deal -- he said Iran had achieved all its objectives and the U.S. none.”

Charen summed up the deal in one damning phrase: “permission masquerading as prevention.”

The reason Iran came to the negotiating table at all was that “the sanctions had so harmed their economy” that the U.S. was forcing the country’s leaders to choose “between becoming a nuclear weapons state and feeding its people.” Following this deal, however, “that leverage is gone and it cannot be recaptured.”

As part of the deal, the most important sanctions will be lifted immediately, Charen explained, “handing the world’s chief sponsor of terror at least a $100 billion windfall immediately.” In 12 to 15 years, she predicted, “Iran will be immensely wealthier, better armed and more powerful than it is today.”

Obama insisted that this “diplomacy” was the only alternative to war, but Charen exposed that as a false choice. America’s president could have left the negotiating table at any time, granted fewer concessions or even refrained from calling those who oppose the deal “warmongers.”

“Every school child knows that diplomacy without a credible threat of force is a nullity,” the policy expert said. Without a threat of attack, if the agreement is broken, a country lacks the ability to enforce a treaty. This greatly reduces any bargaining power. Charen quoted Prussian king Frederick the Great: “Diplomacy without arms is like music without instruments.”

With this deal, she concluded, “the Democratic Party has forfeited any claim to national leadership.”

Why American Jews Vote Democrat

Charen quoted Irving Kristol, saying: “When you look at the voting record of American Jews, it should disabuse anyone of this rumor that Jews supposedly have above average IQs.” The line got quite a bit of laughter, but it brought up an important question about modern politics.

If this deal, and Democratic politics in general, is so dangerous for America and for the Jewish state, why do American Jews support the Democratic Party? Charen explained that most Jews today have liberal voting records because they have liberal lifestyles.

“Jews tend to be highly secular, highly urban and highly educated -- if you didn’t know anything else about them, those three things would be enough to put them in the Democratic column,” the policy expert said. Nevertheless, the observant Jews -- the Orthodox, Modern Orthodox and those who attend synagogue regularly -- tend to vote Republican.

Orthodox Jews make up only 10 percent of the Jewish population for now, but there are signs that this is changing, Charen continued. The children of secular, urban educated Jews tend to marry outside the faith, she explained. The grandchildren of secular Jews are often not Jews.

Religious Jews, however, tend to have big families, “I mean really big families, like 10 kids,” Charen explained.

“The complexion of American Judaism is going to change -- it’s getting more religious,” she said. “If you look at New York City, 74 percent of the Jewish children are Orthodox, and a lot of them go to Jewish day schools and are likely to vote Republican.”

“So, hang in there -- the change is coming!”