Gaza Flotilla Raid: Israel Sends a Message

In normal times it would have been better to turn away the Hamas blockade-running flotilla using tear gas, high-decibel rock music, warning shots, and public ridicule. These are not ordinary times, and I believe Prime Minister Netanyahu decided to  send a clear and unmistakable signal to Israel's most dangerous enemies, Iran and Syria. A few days ago we heard a public leak that Israel’s three diesel submarines, armed with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles, are being stationed on permanent rotation in the Gulf, right off the coast of Iran. It was a serious check-mate move.

In the nature of the hysterically biased leftist media in Europe and America, we will not know the truth about the events that led Israeli commandos to open fire on the Gaza activists who were diverted to the port of Ashdod. Hamas apparently mixed gunmen with self-proclaimed peace activists, civilians, and babies to provoke a violent reaction. The Israelis made a deliberate decision to respond with force.

Hamas uses human shields as standard operating procedure. Israeli commandos were like armed cops with a gun-bearing bank robber: Once the enemy shoots, you take them down. Only then do you try to figure out what happened. Israel’s legal system will now try to figure out the truth. It will take months.

Question: Israel is about to take a PR drubbing in Europe and America, and certainly at the left-wing and Muslim-dominated United Nations. Israel’s cabinet knew that would happen. Why did they decide to stop the flotilla with commandos?  There are more imaginative ways to do that.

I think the decision was deliberate, and it was not aimed at the blockade-running convoy. It was a signal to Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria,  Iran, and most of all the United States -- because we are in the midst of the most dangerous war confrontation in decades. This was also a signal for the Obama administration, which just stabbed Israel in the back at another UN phony “peace” conference.

Everything being done by Israel and its enemies today has a double purpose: It is what it is, and it’s also a strategic signal. This time the cabinet and PM decided to show their very sharp claws. It meant: This time we are willing to preempt you with gunfire. Take heed, because we are not interested in PR.