Israel Shakes Up the Information War

At the same time the Israeli Defense Forces launched its own channel on YouTube to display their view of events on the ground. Aping the Americans and British in Iraq and Afghanistan, we had missile and gun views of the targets they were going after. Several sites, when they discovered this, went off the handle and declared it too "disgusting," amongst other things.

YouTube, to their shame, has limited the viewing of the site. You have to confirm your age to view the site and the videos thereon. This is most interesting, as I have never had to enter my age to watch a jihad video of coalition troops being killed or some imam spewing hate against Jews. But we expect this sort of double standard from many of the giants of the computer age.

I suspect Twitter got loads of complaints from the usual suspects about the Twittercast by the Israelis yesterday. Thankfully they stuck to their aim of free and open discourse. Whether this remains if the Israelis try to do it again is open to question.

On the basis of the success of the engagement with Twitter users, Israel has added all their various embassies and consulates in the U.S. to Twitter.

This is quite an interesting development for a country that does not get its fair shake in the media anywhere in the world. Now Israel can go directly to bloggers and other social media users to make their case without the biased filtering that takes place in all but a few outlets in the mainstream media.

It is clear that this will be the future for many organizations tired of being misrepresented in the press and of prejudiced members of the media always doing them down.

Not the final death blow of the mainstream media, for sure, but it would quite likely send a shiver down a few spines of journalists already worried for their future in this economic situation if they were smart enough to notice.