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Is There a Cure for Liberalism?

As for my thought, that conservatives may tend not to give a rip for the approval of others, the folks behind the study do concede that that's a possibility.

There are several possible explanations for the result, Dodd said. One possibility is that liberals are more empathetic and thus more responsive to others. Another theory is that conservatives are better at following instructions and were thus more likely to listen when the researchers said to ignore the face.

Dodd and his colleagues believe that a more likely explanation is that conservatives value personal autonomy more than liberals, making them less likely to be influenced by others.

The "better at following instructions" bit is kind of funny, to me.  The old cliche about liberals wanting to change the world but being unable to change a tire comes to mind.

But hey, if there is biology lurking in our politics, then there exists the possibility of a pharmaceutical solution.  And there exists one more reason to repeal ObamaCare before libs get their hands all the way around the health care system.