Is the Romney Tax Returns Story a Beltway Bubble Blip?

Beltway journalists left and right are clamoring for Mitt Romney to release more of his past tax returns. National Review, George Will, Bill Kristol...all respected conservatives who support Romney over Obama, and all are demanding that Romney release those returns. They're all also part of the Beltway scene.

I'm writing out here in Texas, and I have to be honest: No one out here is talking about Mitt Romney's tax returns.

Local papers, so far, do not seem to be focused on whether we ever see those tax returns or not. The Austin American-Statesman, which leans left in the central Texas blue dot, is not running anything about the tax returns issue on its front page. The Arizona Republic front page doesn't mention the issue at all today. Neither does the San Francisco Chronicle. The Denver Post -- nope.

Let's survey a few more. The Tampa Bay Times -- no. The Chicago Tribune -- no. The Baltimore Sun -- no. The Las Vegas Review-Journal -- no. The Charlotte Observer -- no. How about the Richmond Times-Dispatch? No.

Wherever I have looked, local papers in a cross section of mostly blue and swing states are not devoting significant coverage to the tax returns issue.

What is this telling us?