Is the Palestinian National Movement Dying?

This new trend looks set to inherit. But, while waving the banner of Palestine, it is not an independent, coherent Palestinian Arab movement. Rather, it brings together a complex welter of different states (Iran, Turkey, Qatar, perhaps soon MB-led Egypt), their clients and proxies (Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, the IHH, the international Muslim Brotherhood, the al-Jazeera satellite channel,  and their supporters in the broader Islamic world and the international Left.

The old Fatah-led Palestinian national movement, meanwhile, is clinically dead, but maintained artificially by U.S. and European taxpayer money and by the armed forces of the Jewish state that it came into being in order to destroy.

So is the Palestinian national movement dying? The answer is yes. But it is being replaced by a new phenomenon perhaps best described as a global, Islamist-led campaign for the nullifying of Jewish sovereignty.