Is the Koran Burner an American Patriot?

How long is the West going to remain hostage to the primitive sensibilities of illiterate thugs in the Third World? For how long will we let the Muslim world off the ethical hook, even going so far as to blame ourselves when they riot and slaughter over some perceived grievance? How long are we going to kid ourselves about this religion? In his response to Goldberg’s commentary on the Koran burning episode, Andrew McCarthy at NRO gives us a lesson on what the Islamic holy book actually teaches its adherents:

Sura 9 of the Koran, for example, states the supremacist doctrine that commands Muslims to kill and conquer non-Muslims (e.g., 9:5: "But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war)."

And that’s not even the most reprehensible exhortations in Muhammad’s book. The Koran, McCarthy notes, implicitly endorses a “dehumanization of non-Muslims” that provides the psychological and moral sanction for their murder. Sounds to me like the Koran provides plenty of justification in its own pages for a non-Muslim like Terry Jones (or me) to be outraged enough to protest.

But no, protest is only admirable if it’s from the anti-war movement; burning is OK only for Bibles and American flags. Sure, burn the flag and the Bible -- those Christian Americans won’t do a thing. They are far too civilized to be dangerous. And really, who cares if they’re offended or not? They only make up most of the country’s population, do most of the work, pay most of the taxes. But be careful what you even say about the Koran, lest Ahmed in Pakistan hear you and take his outrage out on his (enslaved) wife or some other innocent bystander.

The world has truly turned upside down. Next you’ll be telling me we’re fighting for and with al-Qaeda. What’s that, you say? We are doing just that in Libya? Of course we are! But never mind. We’ve got to teach that Terry Jones a lesson.