Is the Game Lost?

And the munafiqs certainly have done little or nothing to parry the insidious thrust of their furtive counterparts who have infiltrated the body politic, the legal profession, the social networks, the media, the academy and the culture at large in the interest of a supremacist imperium that seeks to curtail free speech, disarm critical thought and impose sharia law upon an unsuspecting West. The distinction between “bad Muslims” and “good Muslims,” “radicals” and “moderates,” which our pundits and talking heads implicitly or explicitly fall back upon in delivering their wisdom to the multitudes, is a will o’ the wisp and a derailment of thought. It is wholly beside the point.

Similarly with those who claim that Islam is a “religion of peace” -- as if 9/11 had never happened and the approximately 22,000 deadly terrorist attacks since then were the product of anti-Muslim propaganda; as if Muslim organizations were not funneling “charity” to Hamas; as if rabid anti-Semitism were not an integral part of the faith, dating back to the compilation of the Koran and other canonical texts written between the 9th and 12th centuries; as if Iran were not racing toward a nuclear bomb it has already threatened to use against Israel; and, on the local scene, as if recruitment mosques did not exist and imamcraft were  universally benign. Some religion of peace!

Writing for, Pete Parker states the glaringly obvious in the simplest of terms:

Truth is -- Islamic law (Sharia) denies [full civil rights] to all women and non-Muslims in every Islamic dominated country around the globe. Whether it’s Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan or Yemen  --  women, as well as ‘infidels’ are treated as subhuman. To claim that a religion whose central dogma demands violent subjugation and supremacy is peaceful -- is to tear at the very moral fabric that has made America "a shining city on a hill."

It is, in fact, to dismantle the very structure of the Western Enlightenment: the impartial rule of law, freedom of belief and expression, individual autonomy, personal accountability, rejection of superstition and dogma, rational inquiry and the application of scientific method -- although it could be argued, persuasively, that Western societies have done Islam’s preliminary work on their own initiative and that Islam now finds a field ready to be reaped and harvested. The blades and rotors of the Islamic combine are now cutting their swath as jihad gathers momentum with every passing day.

True, the munafiqs do not bear weapons and do not engage in lawfare. They are not members of suicide brigades or of potent Islamic organizations enacting the dictates of their Saudi masters, Qatari funders or Brotherhood puppeteers. They practice the standard cultural usages and rituals, are proud of their heritage, and celebrate what they esteem as the splendors of an ancestral civilization. But when non-Muslims find themselves in court, often in well-publicized cases, being hounded for everything and nothing by wealthy Islamic institutions initiating predatory defamation suits, they are nowhere to be found. When violence is inflicted in their name upon innocent civilians, they are not in the streets bearing placards against Islamic spoliations and vociferously denouncing the carnage that Islam brings with it to this very day.

The only large Muslim demonstrations I have noted over the years are gangs of protestors shouting obscenities at Israeli embassies or trashing university buildings to prevent Israeli officials from speaking, as at Concordia University in Montreal in 2002; traffic-jamming Muslim Brotherhood pageants, including children and burka’d matrons, waving the yellow, four-fingered flag and chanting anti-Western slogans; or al-Quds rallies thronged with participants in public parks calling for death to Jews -- but never anything  resembling a respectable gathering of moderate Muslims marching for an end to Islamic violence. A counter-protest of “progressive Muslims” against the al-Quds levee attracted only about thirty people, most of whom were Christians and Jews.