Is the Game Lost?


Human history has always been marked by major population shifts, from earliest hominid times over the Horn of Africa to the present moment when what social scientists and historians define as a “demographic transition” is occurring. Whether as a result of military campaigns and their attendant population dislocations or great migrations owing to plague, material deprivation, the lure of new settlements or economic factors, what we might call the “demography of exodus” is one of the great drivers of historical change. In the current age, there can be little doubt that a kind of volkswanderung (German for “migrations of peoples”) or, perhaps more shockingly, a return to the “Dark Ages” is taking place before our eyes. As professor Judith Klinghoffer of Rutgers University writes, in an article titled “Dark Ages Redux” dealing with the influx of immigrants into the West from Muslim countries, “with each and every passing day the price for defeating the forces of darkness is getting higher and higher and ultimate victory less and less certain.”

In effect, what is taking place is an invasion by other means. The Muslims are coming, and not as members of a comedy troupe of that name. Terrorism, as we know, can cause serious damage, both psychological and physical, and is an excellent means of softening up its target. That is why we have long lines at airports, pat-down searches, confiscation of innocuous items. That is why many people flinch with anxiety when they see bearded Muslims and burka’d women among the passengers, though few will admit it for fear of being condemned as racists or bigots -- the fruit of political correctness. That is why stray backpacks and suitcases can bring in the bomb squad. That is why events in which large numbers of people are massed together can cause nervous glances cast over shoulders. That is why gays, women, Christians and Jews -- and let’s not forget dog owners -- may find themselves in danger in neighborhoods with a growing Muslim presence, as is the case in many European cities and now in some of ours. That is why there is a chill on the meaningful and honest discussion of Islamic subjects in the press and the publishing industry. That is why only a vanishingly small number of printed sources reproduced the Danish cartoons. That is why anti-Islamic authors and film-makers are murdered in the streets, arrested or driven into hiding. That is why art exhibits focusing on provocative issues, especially Islamic themes -- such as, most recently, the London-based Passion For Freedom -- are forced to cancel. That is why our intelligence agencies are working overtime. The jihadists of the sword have succeeded in creating a climate of fear -- let’s call it an atmosfear -- that has changed our way of life for the worse, turning us into a society of cringers and invertebrates. The target has been softened up so that the jihadists of the pen can advance the labor of colonization.

We have reached the point at which, even if by some miracle every last Muslim terrorist could be eliminated, the situation would not alter appreciably. For the real onslaught is occurring peacefully, via unstinted Muslim immigration into the West, burgeoning demographics outpacing Western population replacement ratios, infiltration of the civil apparatus including the judiciary, the legal profession, the legacy media, the educational curriculum from top to bottom, the interfaith community, and the various levels of government, municipal, state and national.

Add to this the concerted effort of the extremely powerful 57-state Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) at the United Nations to criminalize the chimera of “Islamophobia” as hate speech. As Deborah Weiss writes, “It is attempting to pass the equivalent of Islamic blasphemy codes,” launching “a campaign to provide disinformation to the public, delinking all Islam from…undesirable traits, and attack[ing] all who insist on [unflattering] truths as bigots, racists and Islamophobes.” The OIC delegates and their allies at the U.S. State Department that have signed on to a variant of the original draft (called Resolution 16/18) have absorbed the significance of Proverbs 18:21: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”