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Is Sarah Palin Getting Trumped?

All the recent coverage he has generated about Obama’s birth certificate is a perfect example of Trump’s media savvy, demonstrating just how well he plays the press.

Trump also has the advantage of not giving a hoot what the media says about him. He has an almost uncanny ability to rise above the media. He’s got the power. He knows it and so does the media.

Palin, on the other hand, is more sensitive about her media image since she is still trying to shore up her brand, being relatively new to the pop culture scene.

Like Palin, Trump has many critics in and outside of the media, but the difference between them is Trump will not fade away. He is a master of the game.

Staying power is part of the personal power he wields as a billionaire businessman, A-list celebrity, and overall American idol.

America loves watching Trump because we all know, win or lose, “The Donald” will find a way to always come out on top. He has the will to succeed at all costs with the muscle to back it up.

One could say he represents all of us (or at least what some of us wish we could be). And we are confident that if Trump decides not to run for president he will carve out a new role, or create a new show, or find a new issue to keep him front and center.

Meanwhile, Palin had been relegated to the sidelines by Trump-mania. Exhibit A was Palin’s response to all of Trump’s birther publicity.

Palin only managed to gain press attention by saying she "appreciates” Trump weighing in on this issue, a toxic topic from which she had previously steered clear.

Then, as if she realized her influence was fading, Palin this past weekend made what looked like a comeback attempt, giving a "feisty anti-establishment speech" at a rally in Wisconsin. Will this appearance and all the subsequent media coverage be enough to thrust her back into the national dialogue?

Sarah Palin’s decline in the polls as a political figure is not due to the last two years of media over-exposure. Instead, as many political strategists believe, she has neglected to educate herself and become a leading expert on the boring issues of the day (à la Hillary).

Because Palin has failed to do so, Palin herself has become the issue.Moving forward, the most important career decision Sarah Palin needs to make is to decide whether she is going to be a political figure or a media celebrity.

If Palin is to have a long career in the public eye, she needs to take a page out of Donald Trump’s playbook: re-invent herself now and decide who she wants to be in the future.

Perhaps she should work with Trump and develop a hit TV talk/game show, or go back to Alaska and run for the U.S. Senate. Now is the time to choose because she cannot be both political leader and media celebrity much longer.

Taking either of these paths ensures that Palin will have a safe platform as an elected office holder or in a reliable 4:00pm daily time slot.

Then she could leave the pop culture jungle to masters like Donald Trump.