Is Sarah Palin Getting Trumped?

According to the latest polls, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s political popularity trajectory is heading south. It was inevitable given our 24/7 fame-obsessed culture which feeds on new personalities and controversy to fuel the celebrity media machine.

Once Sarah Palin resigned from her office as Alaska governor, she left that respected “higher platform” reserved for our elected leaders and crossed over into celebrity jungle.

There, she willingly subjected herself to the unforgiving forces of media pop culture, where the masses are easily bored. And now, without a new hit show, movie, book, clothing line, charity cause, or fragrance, Palin is vying for the same celebrity space as Lady Gaga and Charlie Sheen. And worse for her, according to the Washington Post, Palin “rarely seems to break through into the national dialogue.”

Since her successful 2009 launch into the media pop culture, Palin’s “brand” has remained essentially the same and her fan base has not widened. Now after two years in the celebrity maelstrom, as her star is starting to flicker, she must do what all celebrities need do to stay on top: re-invent herself. Otherwise, Sarah Palin appears destined for a twirl on Dancing with the Stars during the 2013 season.

There is no doubt that in these past two years former Palin has had a good run. Consider her list of accomplishments: Fox News contributor, best-selling author, a reality TV show, success as a political fundraiser, champion of conservative causes, Tea Party leader, a bold critic of President Obama, a master of social media, and a “kingmaker” in the 2010 midterm elections -- while the question of will she or won’t she run for president swirled around her like an Iowa tornado.

Certainly Palin’s bank account is the ultimate beneficiary, with a ripple effect reaching daughter Bristol’s account as well.

But the question remains: is Sarah Palin’s expiration date about up?

Surely there is that potential, not only from a read of the latest polls but because the media has now glommed onto Sarah Palin 2.0 -- otherwise known as Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

Unlike Palin, Bachmann is actively running for president, not just hinting, flirting, and teasing. She says she will decide officially in June.

But even more than Bachmann, Palin is being pushed aside by “The Donald,” who has earned a PhD in fame and self-promotion.

Donald Trump is a case study for celebrity staying power as he enters his fourth decade in the public eye. Trump is a master of the art of re-invention -- and Sarah Palin should take notes.

Now that Trump is full throttle into “thinking about running for president,” the press is going along for the ride with all Donald, all the time coverage.

Besides his declaration about seizing Iraqi oil to pay us back for the war, Trump has given the "birther" issue new life.

This issue has the capacity to drive the mainstream media over the edge and potentially set up the celebrity smackdown of the 21st century: Obama vs. Trump.

Donald Trump, unlike Sarah Palin, is an established American brand on par with Coke or Goodyear. So there is only so much the press can do to denigrate him without looking foolish themselves. But Trump knows how to use the media; he barks, they bite, he bites back, then barks louder and makes more headlines.