Is Obama Really Like the Joker?

Still, there are many similarities worth considering. The Joker was seen crashing a party, threatening wealthy elites with a knife, and taunting them with the phrases "Why so serious?" and "Want to know how I got these scars?" Similarly, Obama often threatens CEOs with government takeovers and taunts them with the phrases "Why so capitalist?" and "Want to know where I got these cars?"

The Joker also hung out with the insane and the violent, as Obama hangs out with Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers. The Joker is always telling conflicting stories, and so does Obama -- such as whether the stimulus was supposed to stimulate the economy or not. And both have mysterious pasts (personally, I've seen neither of their long-form birth certificates). Plus, I hear in the health care bill there's a plan to put old people on one ferry and young people on another ferry and give each a detonator to blow up the other (it really is the only way they can make the numbers work).

There is a major difference between Obama and the Joker, though, and it's the socialism caption on the poster that speaks to it. I've never known anyone to call the Joker a socialist; he's always portrayed more as an anarchist. The only reason Obama's policies seem similar to anarchy is that he's just so incompetent in instituting them, but really Obama is for socialism. So that's the difference: the scope of Obama's destruction is much bigger.

For instance, the Joker blew up one hospital, but Obama's government takeover of health care will destroy hospitals all over the country. Obama's plans really aren't something you can throw a batarang at; he's more on the level of a Superman villain like Lex Luthor -- except Luthor is a businessman and has actual economic experience. In fact, the destructive power of Obama is something you might want to send the whole Justice League after.

But there is no Justice League; Aquaman can't save us now. In reality, it's up to the Republicans to stop Obama. And as they try to work with him and make some compromises with him, I have something to tell them: some men aren't looking for anything logical, like bipartisan support. They can't be influenced by polls, reasoned with, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.