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Is Justin Trudeau ‘Trumpable'?

According to Mark Levin in Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto, the political demographic in the U.S. breaks down into 30 percent in the hard-core, institutional or knee-jerk left and 70 percent in the center, agnostic, and conservative majority. In Canada the reverse is the case, with the left-wing Liberals, New Democratic Party (NDP), Bloc Québécois and Greens commanding approximately 70 percent of the vote and the Conservatives hovering in the 30 percent range.

Indeed, the Conservative Party polled only 31.91 percent of the vote in the 2015 general election; the remaining parties together, all of a socialist complexion, reaped the remaining 68.09 percent, allowing the Liberals to form a majority government with 184 seats. These statistics show that Canada is essentially a socialist country, the occasional Conservative government merely a national anomaly.

This means there is, in any event at present, little hope for Canada. It is a pacifist and uninspiring nation whose electorate is programmatically incapable of independent thought and which swallows whole the progressivist starch our national broadcaster, the CBC, and print/online media feed it as if it were high-energy protein. There appears to be nothing in the country even remotely resembling the redoubtable, massive, galvanized middle-and-working class constituency that propelled Donald Trump to the American presidency.

Of course, the propaganda in this country is relentless, supporting a growing welfare regime, Muslim immigration, judicial activism, and identity politics favoring “gender equity,” priming a dysfunctional aboriginal (aka “First Nations”) clientage at enormous cost to the public treasury, and promoting a fraudulent “rape culture” and “diversity”-mad academy rapidly going bankrupt in more ways than one. At the same time, the campaign of vilification targeting public figures not in step with the reigning ideological orthodoxy proceeds without intermission.

Thus, former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper -- for all his flaws, a decent man who steered the country adroitly through the 2008 recession and bequeathed a balanced budget when he left office -- was reviled for harboring a “secret agenda” that never existed and derided as a conveniently evil villain known as “Harperman.” Currently, in the Conservative Party leadership race, venture capitalist and reality TV star Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank and Dragons’ Den fame, a pragmatic and no-nonsense candidate with a thorough knowledge of the business world, has been slandered in a CBC hit piece, penned by former Dragon Arlene Dickinson, as an “opportunist” and a “cold, money-driven person” who should “have us all afraid.”

Where have we heard this before? O’Leary, the wild-card aspirant, is clearly regarded as Canada’s version of Donald Trump, someone alien to a “compassionate and caring people” as we Canadians presumably are. The subtext of this mealy-mouthed apology for besottedness is that, unlike supposedly crass Americans, Canadians are a kind, considerate and morally pristine people who do not deserve “a leader that’s only in it for himself [and] who views our country as nothing more than a balance sheet.” One can imagine how Trump would have fared in Canada.