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Is It 'Conspiratorial' to Discuss Obama's Authoritarian Tendencies?

Some of these czars, like Carol Browner and Van Jones, are communists and socialists. Jones, like his recent boss, specializes in fomenting racial, ethnic, and class hatred, a favorite tactic of socialist dictators, like Lenin, Hitler, and Hugo Chavez.

It was not moderates or academics who pressured Van Jones into resigning, but researchers like Trevor Loudon, who, back in April, started detailing Jones’ disturbing background. It was Glenn Beck who dared to publicize Jones’ past on Fox. (Beck also is the only one, as far as I know, who has had historians Ronald J. Pestritto and Robert Gellately on to provide the historical context that the “moderates” are afraid to mention.) And Cliff Kincaid’s column should put the lie to any distance Obama attempts to place between himself and Van Jones.

The mainstream, Obama-enthralled media has not bothered to dig into Jones’ past and simply repeats Jones’ charges of a “smear campaign.”

But it won’t be the establishment -- the reporters who are invited to the White House or the professors at the Ivy League universities -- who will save us from this administration.

It will be outraged parents and bloggers who can see the indoctrination in the leading questions sent out by the White House to children captive before the beamed image of their president.

It will be the tea party protesters who do not need policy wonks to tell them what they clearly see coming down the pike with Obama’s nationalized health care: rationing and “death panels” -- like panels of Nazi doctors who decided what life was not worthy of life.

Those who work and worship quite happily with citizens of other races (like Sergeant Crowley and his fellow police officers) see that we’ve got a president who foments racial strife; he appoints people who specialize in that tactic and use “crises” to their advantage.

They see that Obama seeks control of industries, the media, the schools, charity, private business, financial institutions, and our health, including matters of life and death.

They see that he has appointed radicals who display no respect for the Constitution, the law, or American sovereignty; who are or have been members of communist parties; who believe they know what’s best for the American people and believe it is their job to force it upon them, whether by rushing a phony “stimulus” bill through in the dead of night, by subverting the election process, by threatening with “pitchfork mobs,” or by scheming to outlaw forums for speech like talk radio.

The president’s www.BarackObama.com website called us who oppose his health care bill “right-wing domestic terrorists.” Fidel Castro echoes the common charge of Obama and company that any criticisms arise from a racist right wing. Marxist authoritarian leader Hugo Chavez (who was paid a friendly visit by Obama last spring) said Honduran protesters against Chavez-supported ousted president Manuel Zelaya were aligned with the “extreme right.” Need we say more about the tenuous situation in Central and South America with Marxist regimes supported by Iran, all under the approving gaze of Obama?

Can we dare to make comparisons to fascist and communist regimes of the twentieth century as Congressman Broun did?

Do we need more evidence of “authoritarianism”?