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Is Gun Control a Human Right?

If we back away from this and look at it from a distance, where we can take in the bigger picture, one of the lessons for us to grasp from China’s report on the United States’ human rights record is that the proponents of human rights don’t like competition. They don’t like the fact that free people possess the ability to stay free via their arms. And another point to take from it, already made tacitly above, is that the human rights aren’t meant to compliment natural rights, but to replace them.

Now, notice how the left’s clever twisting of language, shifting of phrasing, and raw hunger for power all conveniently come together in this one phrase: gun control is a human right. This is exactly what the Chinese government is implying, and they are attempting to use our alleged violation of this man-made construct to shame the U.S. into conformity with other nations where natural rights are a relic and private gun ownership has long been abolished.

Five important words for the Chinese government, courtesy of the late Charlton Heston: “From my cold, dead hands.”

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