Is There Anything Unique about French Anti-Semitism?

The very impressive solidarity march that followed the murder of the three people in the Parisian kosher supermarket featured a speech by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, imploring European Jews to come home to Israel, where they could be safe. How safe would they be? Consider the same time-frame, 2014 to the present:

■ In April, Baruch Mizrachi, an off-duty police officer, was shot and killed as he was on his way to a Passover seder.

■ In May, 19-year-old Shelly Dadon was found stabbed to death in a parking lot in Migdal HaEmek, killed “for nationalistic reasons,” as determined by police.

■ In June, three teenaged yeshiva students were kidnapped and murdered by terrorist thugs in Gush Etzion.

■ In October, a three-month-old baby girl was killed and eight other people wounded (one of whom subsequently died) when an Arab rammed a car into a crowd standing at a tram station in Jerusalem.

■ In November, a similar attack on another light-rail station in Jerusalem left a border policeman dead and 14 others wounded.

■ On one other day in November, a young woman was stabbed to death and three others injured in separate attacks in Israel.

■ And of course, that same month saw the infamous attack on the synagogue in Har Nof in Jerusalem, in which five men were killed and six injured for the crime of having gathered for morning prayers.

The above list is not exhaustive, and leaves out numerous non-lethal attacks in Israel in 2014 and since the first of this year, including this most recent one.

Shortly after the incident in Paris, Rabbi Ya’akov Katz, a French rosh yeshiva, asked Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman of Bnei Brak, considered the dean of Israeli rashei yeshiva, whether he thought it was time to leave France and return to Israel. Rabbi Shteinman replied that he did not understand what the rush was; the Messiah had not yet been revealed. When Rabbi Katz’s intermediary pressed the point that “they are killing us” in France, Rabbi Shteinman replied, “They are killing us here, too.”

As you can see, he wasn’t kidding.