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Is Dr. Doolittle Working with Mossad?

More recently, in August of 2010, Iran again foiled an Israeli plot to use pigeons to spy on her uranium enrichment facility at Natanz. In two separate instances, one pigeon was captured near the town of Kashan, in Isfahan province, and another black pigeon was reportedly caught with a "blue coated metal ring" that had "invisible" strings attached to it.

While Israel has not been specifically named as the culprit by Iranian officials, given the number of reports of Israel using animals against her adversaries, there can be little doubt that the "Little Satan" is high on the regime’s list of likely suspects.

Closer to home, Israel has deployed antelope to defend against Iran’s Hezbollah proxy force in Lebanon. According to Dr. Sc. Norman Ali Bassam Khalaf-Sakerfalke von Jaffa:

Israel Occupation Army (Israel Defense Forces) already uses spy drones, automated sentry towers, and slew of sophisticated sensors, to keep watch over its borders. The latest addition to the arsenal: a group of eight African Eland Antelope (Taurotragus oryx Pallas, 1766), each weighing nearly 500 kilograms.

He goes on to say Israel has also experimented with the use of llamas, but the experiments failed during the last war in Lebanon.  It seems llamas have greater loyalty to "The Party of God" than to the Zionists occupiers:

"They ran right off to the Hezbollah fighters with our stuff,” Tal says. “We had to shoot them to keep our things from falling into the hands of Hezbo Allah."

The use of animals in war is nothing new, but it seems the Israelis have taken it to new extremes, and pioneered techniques once thought beyond possibility. How have they achieved such stunning results, and elicited such intelligent behavior from lower life forms? The only possible answer seems to be that Israelis have developed a means of communicating with the animal kingdom, perhaps with the aid of Dr. Doolittle, the only human known to possess an ability to talk to animals.

Many people believe Doolittle to be a purely fictional character, but by the same token, one would scarcely imagine squirrels could be trained to conduct clandestine surveillance, rats taught to distinguish between Arabs and non-Arabs, pigeons trained to monitor nuclear facilities, boars tasked with agricultural terrorism, or sharks trained to attack only Egypt’s tourists.

Given the preponderance of accusations against Israel, it must now be considered that perhaps Dr. Doolittle does in fact exist, and that he is working for the Mossad.  Is he doing this willingly or under duress?  How far into the animal kingdom does the Zionist program extend, and how long has it been in effect? Will Israel’s foes one day be confronted by an army of marmosets trained in martial arts and spycraft? Need we be suspicious of the family pet cat, the goldfish swimming nonchalantly in our fish-bowls, or seeing-eye dogs that see more than we know, and report it to their secret Zionist masters?

To this day, we still do not know the motivations or full capabilities of the rabbit that attacked anti-Zionist U.S. President Jimmy Carter in 1979. It is essential for international security that we learn the truth.