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Is Barney Frank Nervous? Bill Clinton Coming to Rescue in MA

Why is President Clinton appearing on September 26, and not closer to Election Day? Frank knows that the Bielat campaign now has a mere tenth of the funds that he has amassed due to his chairmanship of the House Financial Services Committee. Frank needs to strike early before Sean Bielat attracts the funding that will appear once there is recognition that he is well-qualified to serve and has a good chance of being elected.

Based on the failure of the Republican National Committee to foresee the success of the conservative candidates backed by the Tea Party activists in several primaries, and the failure to discipline and control the selfish candidacy of Senator Lisa Murkowski, there is concern the RNC will fail to fully support a viable candidate with strong character and a fine resume.

Do we live in a time when Democrats are competent campaigners but destructive managers of the nation, while Republicans would be competent mangers of the nation’s affairs but incompetent campaigners?