Iran Turns Up the Heat in the Gulf

On May 16, according to the state-owned Fars News Agency, Iran is going to send what they call an aid flotilla from the southern port city of Bushehr. Its destination? Bahrain. In addition to aid, the report stated, the flotilla will convey the Iranian people's message -- "Solidarity with Oppressed Bahraini People."

But that is not all. Reports from inside Iran state that the flotilla will be carrying the martyrdom forces destined to be the start of a new confrontation with the kingdom in Bahrain.

The radical Islamic organization Ansar Hezbollah -- consisting of Islamist thugs and ardent supporters of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei who have been at the forefront in the brutal suppression of Iranian demonstrators -- has now assembled volunteers, mostly from Basij forces, for a martyrdom mission to Bahrain.

They are also preparing suicide bombers, in coordination with the Guards’ Quds Force, for attacks on Bahraini and Saudi interests.

In a recent interview with, a site affiliated with the conservative camp in Tehran, former Revolutionary Guards officer and founder of Ansar Hezbollah Hossein Allah-Karam provided details of the strategy designed to assist the revolutionaries in Bahrain, Gaza, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and more.

A key part of that strategy, Allah-Karam revealed, involves registering volunteers willing to go to the conflict areas to carry out suicide missions.

Another part of their plan: to launch flotillas to Bahrain and provide assistance to the Shiites with their uprising.

Ever since the unrest in Bahrain -- especially as Saudi forces advanced into that country -- the Iranian leaders have been stirring up talk about revenge. Some military commanders and high officials have gone so far as to propose a military intervention to help the Shiite majority with their rebellion against the Sunni-ruled kingdom.