Iran One, Obama Nothing

Forget the headlines. Forget today’s hype. The New York Times just dropped the Big One. Iran is reported by the United Nations to have enough enriched uranium for two nuclear weapons.

Reset everything. Erase everything else from your mind. The prospect of hanging concentrates the mind wonderfully, said Samuel Johnson, but that was assuming normal sanity. Only the insane and permanently self-deluded -- read: the liberal media -- will miss the big story and go off on incidentals. Forget the Gulf. Forget the "fake out Israel with another 'peace' flotilla” story of the day. Forget Obama playing golf.

Iran’s nuclear weapons are here, along with medium-range ballistic missiles. Soon to come: ICBMs that can reach the United States and all of Europe in 2015. They will import them from North Korea, just like they imported their nuclear technology from the A.Q. Khan network, their tunneling and hardening technology from the Norks, and their Scuds from anybody that would sell.

The Sunni Arabs are now looking to get Pakistani nuclear weapons fast, because Iranian nukes are right next door. The Bushehr nuclear reactor is fifty miles from Saudi Arabia, right next to Kuwait, the Gulf States, and Iraq. Iran borders on Afghanistan and even Pakistan. The Shiites have warred against the Sunnis for almost a thousand years. Ayatollah Khomeini himself tried to overthrow the Saudi regime next door, to conquer Mecca and Medina.

This means nuclear breakout in the Middle East. That is why Israel has just announced in public that it is permanently stationing one or more of its nuclear missile subs in the Gulf, within easy range of Tehran.

All the efforts to stop terrorists with nukes have now come to nought. George W. Bush rightly decided to knock over Saddam Hussein, not because the CIA had proof that Saddam had nukes, but because we had enough reason to suspect that he was on the path to them. In fact, Saddam had a warehouse full of yellowcake uranium, as even MSNBC  admitted long after screaming George W. Bush out of office.