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Iowahawk Beats Krugman to a Pulp

Iowahawk took after NYT columnist Paul Krugman who had suggested that the unionized teachers in Wisconsin provided better educations than non union teachers in Texas do.  Some readers objected and Iowahawk has written a follow up to his Krugman. It is absolutely devastating to Krugman and the dissenting readers and is aptly titled "Badgering the Witless." Here's the conclusion:

"The short recap to Michael's NAEP results is that after controlling for ethnicity, compared to the running-dog Gang of Five non-collective bargaining states (TX, VA, SC, NC, GA), Wisconsin is a (1) middling performer for white students; (2) below middling for Hispanic students, and (3) an absolute disaster for black students."

Read both articles for their educational value and to enjoy  the  brilliant author's outstanding wit.