In Syria, Protesters Are Pawns

Translation of Jihadi Q and A: “Why does the Syrian regime permit some of the demonstrators to cross the borders of the Golan with the Israeli state?”

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful

After more than 40 years, this is the first and single time that the Syrian sectarian regime permits some of the Syrian civilian residents to demonstrate and some of them to cross the borders of the Golan ... for the Zionist Jews to kill four of them ... may Allah have mercy on them.

The question which one asks oneself is: Why now and with this timing, in which the Syrian people are  going out chanting for the fall of the tyrant and his system?

The answer: Firstly, Bashar al-Assad wanted to send a message to the international community and to Israel, that if you will not stop (inciting) against me and against my regime, this means I will release my grip on guarding the border, or at least I did not promise I can guard the borders like they should be and like is demanded of me. In this the Golan front will become loose and easy to cross for any crosser or intruder. As evidence, [one can see] what happened yesterday on Nakba day, and in this the risk to security and stability of the state of Israel as it is.

Secondly: The regime wanted to busy up the media and to distact their eyes away from it and its crimes, such as this new and strange event. Instead of the news of the crimes of the regime against the right of the Syrian people being the first news, [the regime wants] it to be the second, or the last!

Third: He wanted that the proud, revolutionary Syrian people, those demonstrating against the regime and its injustice, would go out. In this he said, “If you wanted to demonstrate, so go out and demonstrate against the Zionists in the Golan. Then how are they demonstrating against the regime that permits them to demonstrate against the Zionist Jews in the Golan, while he supports the front of the resistance and opposition?!”

Fourthly: The regime wanted to say to the Arab people: “It is not like you are being told about me, that mine is a treacherous and client regime. My role is ending the guarding of the borders and the security of the Israeli state. As a proof, I have permitted some civilian demonstrators to infiltrate and cross over the borders with the state of Israel!” These are the messages which the treacherous and client regime wanted to pass to all of the internal, local, and international factions, during this strange event, which it presents for the first time after 40 years!

But there remains a question which poses itself for us to ask to the sectarian Syrian regime. As long as you are interested in the state and the citizenry, and your functions and the functions of your army -- like you lead and lie about guarding the state and the citizens: Behold, it is the Jewish, Zionist army that is killing four unarmed Syrian citizens and injuring tens of others. Why don’t you defend them, fighting those who kill them? Or is it your task, and the task of your army and your troops, to stop facilitating and letting pass things like these demonstrations? And accordingly, then, what they [the demonstators] receive is what they receive, as it doesn’t interest you?!

Abdul Munim Mustafa Halima

“Abu Basir al-Tartusi”

5/16/2011 – 6/13/1432 AH