In Norway, an Awakening to the Islamist Danger

I believe that this decade will be decisive for Norway’s future -- and for that of Europe generally. The question is: will we manage to stand up to the open Islamization and force it into retreat, or will the Islamization of Europe continue?

If we manage to defeat Islamism, we will need, above all, political leaders who understand the forces that have put down deep roots in our society, who openly acknowledge what is going on, and who take action to stop it. We must lead with an assimilation policy that leaves no doubt as to which of our values are non-negotiable: sexual equality, equality of all individuals regardless of ethnic, religious, social, tribal, clan, or caste background, religious freedom (including the right to renounce a religion), and the freedom that is the very foundation of our free society, namely freedom of expression. Everyone, including members of offbeat Christian sects, should be expected to assimilate into these values.

A great many Persians who fled from despotism under Ayatollah Khomeini are role models in this regard. They fled tyranny and were assimilated into our society’s values when they came here. They have become full-fledged members of mainstream Norwegian culture and full participants in our society, even as they remain highly conscious of their Persian identity and usually celebrate Persian New Year.

Our government is steered by multiculturalism, an ideology that is now rejected by major European politicians such as Angela Merkel. This ideology has failed and has created conditions favorable to Islamization. What is it that holds a nation together?  What is it that made possible the nation established in our Constitution at Eidsvoll in 1814? Our leaders seem to have forgotten the answer to these questions; namely, that modern Norway was established by a single people with a common culture rooted in Christianity, a people who were able to unite around a shared set of beliefs.

A community based in mutual trust -- on belonging. This is what we’re losing.The greater the number of Muslims who turn their back on Norway, the more intense the division and mistrust that will arise between groups.

Aftenposten’s Ingunn Økland recently asked a timely question: how many faceless women will have to appear in public before the politicians set them free? Why is it that a precautionary principle governs our environmental policy but not our policy relating to integration and democratic values?

We need politicians who show genuine love and reverence for Norway’s core values, and who act upon that love and reverence by instituting the following measures:

  • Identify the ideological foundations of Muslim religious communities. Those that are also political should be treated politically and should thus not receive government support. (In Norway, religious institutions are funded by the state.)  Today, Norwegian taxpayers are financing institutions that are working intensely to liquidate democracy and replace it with sharia. Macabre, but undeniably true.

  • Reject special demands -- they’re always indulged at the cost of freedom, especially the freedom of the most vulnerable.

  • Let all grade-school girls’ hair flow freely. The Islamists will go berserk.

  • Get rid of the “mobile prisons” -- that is to say, the burka and niqab.

  • Halt all integration support to religious and ethnic groups and channel the money instead into shared social activities -- especially those designed for children.

  • Stop engaging mosques in well-meant “dialogue.” Muslims are, above all, human beings, not religious objects.

Greco-Roman civilization, wrote the historian Arnold J. Toynbee, “died not by murder, but by suicide.”If we want to prevent the demise of Western civilization, we need leaders who will steer us away from the path to self-destruction and toward a future of equality and liberty for all.

This article, translated from the Norwegian by Bruce Bawer, appeared originally in Aftenposten.