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Importing Violence: Immigration, Crime, and Why We Need Assimilation

Assimilation isn't just a mechanism to help immigrants prosper. A culture and its values need it to survive.

No one can deny the link between un-assimilated (often illegal) immigrants and crime. A 2009 decrease in crime in Phoenix, Arizona, coincided with a decrease in the illegal alien population. ICE recently swept up 20 foreign nationals in the South who were sex offenders and announced that in 2011 they deported almost 6,000 rapists and child molesters.

Also note that legal immigrants who arrive here with the express purpose of becoming American citizens do not have anywhere near the levels of criminality as illegal aliens. There are many theories, but the criminality dividing Somali Muslims best illustrates this.

Leaders in the Somali community in Minnesota have long complained about the radicalization of their children. In 2008 more than 40 young Somali Americans disappeared from the state and many showed up working as soldiers for African jihadist groups. These events coincided with a rise in bias attacks against non-Muslims, homosexuals, and even other Somalis who broke the social mores of that community's former home. Some of the attacks were so brazen that their perpetrators filmed and uploaded them onto the web with no attempt to disguise identities.

It's clear that in this case, an insular, ghettoized community lives by the values and standards of a war-torn country overrun with Islamism. But why? How have we allowed people living in America to completely reject American standards of morality and culture? How do we produce communities so insular that the members within seem shocked when what they consider normal gets them arrested?

America is having a crisis of confidence. The left in this country has introduced the postmodern concept of subjective truth and morality into our culture, convincing many that American values are not superior -- just different. This is, of course, untrue. American values and morals tower over the rest of the world. The ideas of personal autonomy and individual sovereignty make attacking homosexuals or people of different faiths abhorrent even to the most zealous Muslim American if they adopt our values. Children are protected from sexual predation here, not just because we have different standards, but because we're a civilized society that recognizes how exploitative and dangerous it is for adults to have sexual relations with children. We don't assault teachers, break into other people's houses, or commit random mass murders because in America we understand these things are wrong, not just illegal.

We have begun the process of losing that understanding. Dufrene didn't just slip through the cracks in 2010, he had a long criminal history that we as a society simply accepted because we no longer have the confidence to put an end to it. Dufrene should have been deported long before 2006, and the community he lived in should have been brought into the American mainstream. We should have the strength as a society to embrace immigrants and refugees while still insisting that they become Americans. Multiculturalism and a flickering faith in our traditions and values are what killed Audrey Hansack's daughter, not immigration.

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