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Importing Violence: Immigration, Crime, and Why We Need Assimilation

In 2008 a 36-year-old illegal immigrant from Mexico named Olivar Roblero attempted to kidnap his 9-year-old neighbor. Authorities learned that prior to the kidnapping attempt Roblero had failed to buy the girl from her parent. He told the mother he wanted the girl to be his wife and he'd treat her well. Rebuffed, Roblero tried to resort to the "rapto" of his native country.

Even if he was aware of U.S. law regarding such matters Roblero clearly thought that Americans viewed sex, marriage, and child brides the same way he did. It does not excuse his attack, but it does raise questions about how isolated from the American mainstream this man was, even after living in the country for years. No one in his community told him that American families don't sell their pre-pubescent daughters to men in their late 30s? Doesn't that illustrate the need for a policy of assimilation?

But the acceptance of these un-American values also changes our society as we absorb them. In 2009, 11-year-old Julissa Rodriguez ran away to Mexico with a 23-year-old man named Enrique Vasquez. Oddly, news reports and even some community members treated the 23-year-old as though he was little Julissa's boyfriend as opposed to a pedophile. Julissa was molested by a pedophile who convinced her to run away with him and news reports treated the child like a 17-year-old out on a lark.

In a clearer case of American moral values losing ground to third world barbarity, an 11-year-old Hispanic girl in Texas was brutally gang raped by more than 10 assailants who filmed the attack. A reporter who viewed the arrest affidavit wrote that the attack details were too obscene to repeat. Defenders of the attackers, all of whom were African-Americans, claimed that the 11-year-old was a slut who wanted to be violently raped. Even the New York Times ran an article that blamed the victim for "dressing older" than she was. The brutalized child was treated in a more sexualized way than any adult rape victim. It's hard to believe that the acceptance of Latin and Central American misogyny played no part in both the crime and the reaction to it.