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Illinois Legislature Overrides Quinn’s Concealed Carry Veto

(Follow-up to previous post on Senate Hearing.)

The House voted 102-13 (89% yea) to override Governor Quinn’s veto of House Bill 183. The Senate voted 45-12 (79%). Overrides need 60%. Quinn must certify this bill now.

This is a shall-issue bill, with certain restrictions on where licensees can carry. Like Wisconsin in 2011, Illinois went from no carry to shall-issue in one step. This is good news for Illinois’ law-abiding mothers who want to take another step to keep their children safe. It’s a step forward for elderly and those with physical incapacitation who want to protect their own safety when out in public.

(More to follow)

Update: In my book “Four Hundred Years of Gun Control” I wrote about why—if party rhetoric is true—Democrats should be the party supporting the civil right of self-defense. Today, it was Representative Brandon W. Phelps (D-118th District) and Senator Gary Forby (D-59th District) who filed the motions to override Governor Quinn’s veto.