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Illinois Dem Tells PJM How the IRS Scandal Is Like the Bible

Illinois Democratic Rep. Danny K. Davis told PJ Media that there should have been a “reporting chain” that alerted President Obama of the IRS singling out conservative organizations seeking tax-exempt status, likening the scandal to the Bible.

“The efforts to somehow or another link this to higher-ups in the administration just has not come through and I think one of the reasons that it ended up being the way that it is is that these guys weren’t talking to anybody else. They weren’t relating to anybody else,” said Davis, a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

“They weren’t even reporting to the deputy in Treasury who was their direct link to upper management. They acted as if they were an agency unto themselves and had no reporting responsibility and I think that’s where they got themselves in trouble.”

Davis then related the controversy to the Parable of Talents in the Bible.