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Illinois Anti-Gun Democrat Busted Trying to Bring a Gun Onto an Aircraft

Illinois Democrat State Sen. Donne Trotter joins a long list of leftists who live by a simple rule: Guns for me, but not for thee.

Despite prosecutors charging him for allegedly trying to bring a gun onto an aircraft at O'Hare Airport, the South Side Democrat once voted against allowing Illinoisans to carry concealed weapons.

Trotter later voted "present" on another measure that would have softened the penalty for getting caught with a concealed weapon.

His arrest brings the number of sitting Illinois lawmakers facing criminal charges to three, which is a high-water mark in recent political memory at the Statehouse. Trotter now joins state Rep. Derrick Smith (D-Chicago), who faces a federal bribery charge, and state Rep. La Shawn Ford (D-Chicago), who was indicted last week on federal bank fraud charges.

Interesting. I see a pattern in those arrests. Do you see it too?

The long line of leftists and other hypocrites who use guns to defend themselves while agitating against other people's right to do the same include NBC's Bob Costas, crockumentary filmmaker Michael Moore, California Democrat Lori Saldana, actor Sylvester Stallone, and just about every member of the Democrat caucuses in Congress who uses armed security -- men with guns.