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Illegal Aliens Have More Incentive Than Ever to Vote in U.S. Elections

Speaking to a black college audience in Texas last week, Hillary Clinton goaded Republicans while announcing her plans for expanding voting law:

[Republicans are] systematically and deliberately trying to stop millions of American citizens from voting. … What part of democracy are they afraid of?

Hillary’s already made clear that her idea of democracy includes giving mass amnesty to millions of left-leaning illegal aliens. This, along with the federal government’s refusal to implement sensible proof-of-citizenship requirements for voter registration (which will continue if Hillary takes the White House), will keep elections in many key states forever vulnerable to illegitimate Democratic victories.

Republicans are afraid that America’s non-citizen population is the largest it has ever been, and that most of the newcomers fundamentally disagree with traditional American principles of states’ rights, civil liberties, and ordered freedom.

Republicans are also afraid that we have a record-high -- and rising -- illegal alien population, and that given their treatment of our immigration laws, there’s little chance they’ll respect our voting laws. That they also now have greater ability and more incentive to vote illegally also makes Republicans rightly afraid.

The Immigration Reform Law Institute recently submitted a friend-of-the-court brief to the Supreme Court in support of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who last year was blocked by the federal government from implementing proof-of-citizenship requirements in his state’s elections. We argue in our brief that, contrary to what Hillary says about Republicans “suppressing the vote,” proof-of-citizenship measures actually do the opposite: they protect against the vote-cancellation effects of non-citizen voting.

We also show that such measures are wildly popular. A poll from last year found that 78 percent of Americans believe proof of citizenship should indeed be a requirement. That's a seven-point increase from the previous year. This shows the public’s confidence in our election systems is at rock bottom, and that the public wants sensible solutions.  

The lack of confidence is likely linked to the record level of non-citizens in the country, as well as to their newfound ability and incentives to vote. Several states offer benefits to illegal aliens such as in-state tuition and driver’s licenses, others are pursuing such bills. California offers both, and also provides illegal aliens with professional licenses and Cal Grants to supplement in-state tuition. California also prohibits state police from honoring detainer requests from immigration authorities.

Recently, the state's legislature introduced a ten-bill package of new benefits. For illegal aliens, most of whom are below the poverty line, these are big incentives to come out and vote.