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If Obama Is the 'First Jewish President,' I Am the Last Barbie Doll

I have been writing about 21st century anti-Semitism since the turn of the century.

Words don’t fail me, nor has my spirit grown dim. But what is now going on is so ghastly, so omnipresent, so “over the top,” that even a careful wordsmith is hard-pressed to describe it accurately without sounding (and being accused of sounding) “paranoid,” “hysterical,” “strident,” and, yes, “utterly without a sense of humor.”

I am finding it hard to laugh about John Heilemann’s cover story in New York magazine. Heilemann is a regular contributor to New York’s pages and has also penned a book about Barack Obama’s “hope” campaign on which he worked.

In a scandalous town and in a scandalous time, the cover of the 9/26 issue of New York magazine may be in a class all its own. It depicts President Obama, seen from behind, wearing a kippah. The title: “The First Jewish President.” The truth?

Barack Obama is the best friend Israel has right now.

Would anyone dare to present Obama wearing a keffiyeh as America’s “first Muslim president”? Indeed, this case could far more easily be made, but the accusations of “Islamophobia” and right-wing conservative “neo-fascists” (Heilemann’s own words) would roil the media waters for weeks. Heilemann quotes one of Obama’s “most prolific fundraisers” as complaining: “We have a big-time Jewish problem.” I wonder why Obama’s fundraisers (and the media) do not talk about the really “big-time” Arab lobby? Does Obama’s team have no problem raising funds from wealthy, oil-rich Arab states and their proxies: Saudi Arabia Kuwait, Bahrain, Quatar, Oman, Abu Dhabi, etc.…?