Ice Storms Strike the Heartland: Where's Obama?

The devastating storm has been virtually ignored by the national media. The lack of coverage is a media blackout compared to the media onslaught and 24-7 coverage provided in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. President Obama has been living it up in the White House while people have been suffering and dying. Five days after the storm, he still has not traveled to the area to provide aid and comfort to the victims.

When President George W. Bush delayed traveling to the areas ripped apart by Hurricane Katrina in order to allow the recovery efforts to take place without distraction, the left denounced him for “not caring.” Rapper Kanye West actually claimed that Bush did not do more to help because he “doesn’t care about black people.” The “Bush hates black people” theme was picked up and promoted by the anti-Bush mainstream media. President Bush was derided as the “bystander-in-chief;” as someone who had ideological hostility to those needing help; and as “staggeringly indifferent” to the plight of those in New Orleans because of the race of those who were most affected. Those were the more “moderate” comments from the supposedly “mainstream” columnists and reporters; the left-wing blogosphere definitively claimed that “Bush hates black people.” They even had bumper stickers.

The left-wing extremists suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome even went so far as to claim that President Bush “played golf” rather than help those suffering souls in New Orleans. It was, of course, a lie. But that lie persists to this day.

The fact that President Obama is “living large” while Americans suffer is no lie. So where is the collective outrage over his callous disregard for the lives of those who reside in a state that does not worship "The One" and which did not deliver any electoral votes last November? Where are the calls for investigations from the Congress? Perhaps the Democratic Party leadership is too busy sharing cocktails with the president at the White House to notice the ongoing tragedy in “flyover country.” Or maybe they just share his contempt for the “white people” living in those areas where people cling desperately to their guns and Bibles while their government ignores them.