'I Have No Regrets': An Interview with Geert Wilders

HRS: If you became prime minister of the Netherlands, what would your main political priorities be and why?

Wilders: I would stop the immigration from Muslim countries. Not because I have anything against Muslims -- I don’t -- but because we have enough Islam in Europe. I would be tougher on the integration of the non-indigenous people. If you do not adhere to our Constitution, laws, and values, and commit crimes you will deported as soon as possible. I would strengthen the freedom of speech in the Netherlands by introducing some kind of Dutch First Amendment of the sort that the U.S.A. has. I would lower taxes in the Netherlands by cutting expenses on integration, contributions to the EU, development programs, and other leftish hobbies, etc. I would spend more money on the elderly and disabled since they are often worse off than the prisoners who are pampered in Dutch prisons.

HRS: A major aspect of Islamist control in Muslim communities is the denial of rights to women in those communities. How would you address this as prime minister? Is it possible for governments to do anything about this?

Wilders: One of the differences between our free Western societies and societies where the Islamic culture is dominant is the equality of men and women. We will not compromise on that one inch. Woman are equal to men, should have the same right to education and freedom and opportunity as men. This is already in all our laws. We have to act on it if we witness any other behavior that is unlawful and we should make examples by punishing and/or extraditing those men who don’t adhere to our laws and the important principle of equality of men and women.

HRS: How should we deal with the results of new research in Denmark which shows that the better integrated Muslims are, the more radicalization there is among them?

Wilders: I don’t believe that, and as a matter of fact am not interested in why people are radicalizing. I am a lawmaker, not a psychiatrist. The left tried to fool us before by saying that the reason of radicalization is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the war against Iraq or Afghanistan, the domestic social background of people, etc., etc. We should act against radicals by finally acting in the toughest way against them: Jail them and if possible denaturalize and extradite them. Let people in our societies know: If you adhere to our laws and values you are equal to anybody else and welcome to stay but if you don’t we will jail and extradite you.

HRS: How should authorities deal with organized Islam (mosques, schools, etc.) that is in full collision with human rights? Isn't this a greater challenge than whether the Koran is available in bookstores? Wouldn't it make more sense to argue for the prohibition of organized Islam itself, in cases when the organizations in question have clear connections to certain Islamic movements and schools of law?

Wilders: I believe Islam is more an ideology than a religion. As a matter of fact Islam is a totalitarian ideology like Communism and fascism. Therefore Islam is not equal to Christianity or Judaism, but has to be compared to other totalitarian ideologies. I want all Islamic schools in the Netherlands to be closed immediately. Young children should not be brought up and be taught an ideology of hate, submission, and violence. We would help the integration of young Muslim children far more by allowing them into other schools where they can be educated amongst other children. I don’t want any more mosques to be built in the Netherlands either, for the ideology of hate is advocated there, too. And as for reciprocity: Try to build a synagogue or Christian church in Saudi Arabia or Iran. You will be prosecuted and sentenced. We should stay tolerant to the tolerant, but also learn to be intolerant to the intolerant.

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