'Hypermasculinity' and You: The Problem with Your Biceps

And why would you buy a K-frame .38 like Humphrey Bogart pointed at bad guys when you can own an N-frame .44 like Harry Callahan used? I understand that people with smaller hands -- most women, for example -- can’t safely handle a big pistol. These days, they make smaller ones that will still kill you.

I also think I understand that Dr. Katz sees no reason for a woman to need a handgun -- he’d rather shove the rhetoric in the other direction, placing the responsibility on me and you to not rape.

We weren’t going to rape anyway, but that’s apparently beside the point. Since the process of getting big and strong obviously leads us to also desire power over women that don’t want to have sex with us, we probably will just rape them. Big strong men are sorry bastards that way. But we shouldn’t be. Then again, since we’re all bulked up and hypermasculine, and since hypermasculinity leads inexorably to rape, and since we have these big guns, we probably will.

Jax, ol’ buddy, that’s what her handgun is for.

New York Times Says ‘Modern Man’ ‘Has No Use for a Gun,’ ‘Cries Often’