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Human Rights vs. Natural Rights

Through this redistributive process, human rights actually diminish the dignity of humanity by encouraging the recipients of “free” to rely on government for solutions. This is the complete opposite of natural rights, which require that we look to ourselves rather than to government for solutions.

Human rights are dependent upon a certain place and time. For example, public transportation has not been considered a human right until recently, nor has internet access, contraceptives, or the most frequently emphasized human right as of late, gay marriage. Natural rights, on the other hand, are not reliant upon a certain place and time. They always were and always will be, just as the Creator who endowed us with them.

Our Founding Fathers did not envision freedom for a time or liberty that was dependent upon the whims of men or the rulers of men. Rather, they understood that Western civilization stood or fell on the timelessness of natural rights and the system of ordered liberty into which those rights fit. It is to our detriment that we trade these rights for human constructs which opportunistic leftists invent in order to inch their way into our lives.