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Human Rights: A Governmental Power Grab

In this process, the French Revolution stripped the people of any real claim to God-given rights, and focused instead on the supposed equality that would result from the rights government had allowed the people to have.

So where others saw a grandiose revolution, Adams saw the outworking of a philosophy of “pure unadulterated atheism” wherein “liberty was a word without a meaning. There was no liberty in the universe; liberty was a word void of sense.”

This atheistic characteristic is a witness to the fact that human rights exist by the government and for the government, whereas natural rights exist by God and for the people.

Or to put it as Charles Kesler has:

"Entitlement rights” have “more in common with the notions of rights and alienation of rights promulgated by the French Declaration of the Rights of Man than with the Declaration of Independence. … A right to health care, a right to a job, a right to an education, a right to unemployment insurance -- these things are not gifts of nature. They cannot be natural rights.”

Phrases like human rights, free health care, free internet, free contraceptives, etc., all sound good to people who are willing to live at the mercy of government. But they are anathema to freedom.