HuffPo Users Overwhelmingly Support Spree Killer

After reading a comment from Fail Burton that a disturbing number of Huffington Post readers have been supportive of Christopher Dorner, the former LAPD officer who has allegedly murdered several people thus far, I decided to check it out for myself. Mr. Burton is correct. I would say the comments, as of my checking one particular article on Dorner’s “manifesto,” were 90 percent supportive. Feast your eyes on the following wisdom from the Left.

(Note: Before reading these comments, bear in mind that Dorner is black, and the “manifesto” that inspired these comments contains general support for many left-wing ideas. Dorner’s race explains the knee-jerk identification of him as an oppressed “fighter” a la Mumia Abu Jamal. His ideology -- supporting gun control, Barack Obama, and Piers Morgan, and despising the NRA -- explains the memory-hole treatment the media is giving the "hate" aspect of the story. Ironically, then, Dorner's identification with left-wing ideas is the impetus for simultaneous support for and denial of who he really is.)

From "Andrew Coe":

"After reading this I am going to come out and say it, I support this guy. I do not like that he is killing civilians though. I wish he would have been smarter and picked off the cops that did him wrong instead of starting things the way he did but that is his issue. I have no doubt in my mind that everything he were about being wronged by the LAPD is true and I feel sorry he was victimized by an organization he clearly loved so much. After reading about how the police have shot three innocent civilians, a grandmother none the less, while searching for him makes me lose almost all respect for the LAPD. I think this is an example of reaping what they sow."

Elsewhere, “Andrew Coe” states:

"I believe and support him too. I hope he gets the justice he deserves and by that I mean vengeance."

Mr. Coe openly supports more murder.

In response, "sdgrrl" writes:

"I wish he has simply held people hostage. The impact would be greater. Now, the media and LAPD can target him as nuts due to the murders."

You see, "sdgrrl" just wants your family held hostage, not killed, by this lunatic.